The Black Lodge

by Cave Moth

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Chris Jackson
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Chris Jackson Brutal as hell and I love it. For a genre I generally don't enjoy, there is something so good about this band. Favorite track: Despised : Device.
Simon Sludge
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Simon Sludge Cave Moth came to me as a total surprise. They tick a lot of boxes for me: Lots of dissonance, low tunings, blazing fury and crushing heavyness. 'The Black Lodge' reminds me of the good days, when chaotic Hardcore bands had lots of Grindcore influence and were constantly trying to push the limits. I really hope to hear more from these guys in the not too distant future. Cave Moth kick ass! Favorite track: Form : Void.
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Since the split almost 2 years ago. Music been on the backburner for me (Daniel) as I got my shit together. Good Job, sweet new bandmates, and enough money for merch and touring costs; Cave Moth is ready to get things going. This album was an experiment in grind core with influences from bands like Discordance Axis and Noisear. It has become very good grounds for us to get to know each other musically as well as personally.


released September 27, 2014

Guitar/Noise: Daniel Quinn
Vocals/Noise: Silas Skaggs
Drums/Programming: Corbin Riggs
Recorded at Revelation Studios by Matt Johnson



all rights reserved


Cave Moth Saint Augustine, Florida


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Track Name: Burden : Solace
Every turning page had its own burdened face
Deceitfully weighted surfaces - Disturbingly displaced...
Sermons of curses grace the baleful stage
Serpents of virtue, deception and praise.
Shall we beg before we steal our seamless sleep?
Blind pride was the prize but the price was too cheap.
Balance sheds the disguise of a sheep--
vying for the power the wolves break our dreams.
prophets of a profitable theme
oh what wickedness is this?
lofty claims for such a humble king...
what wretched wickedness is this?
Binding babes to the end of our cynical whits
seeking solace in frantic fits.
Track Name: Power : Balance
Restlessly braided
Wretchedly Stretched
Leather and lace
Pleasure and stress
Graceful Frailty and vexed flesh Drawn together
Like veins of obsession
cleverly webbed
namelessly Blessed
as famous discretion
Breathlessly kept
Feather and Flame
As shameless as sex
Together we'll blame the devils in our breast
It'll never be the same just like we never would have guessed
Nestled innately between abuse and affection
Wrestling the beasts of connective repression
Track Name: Fear : Purge
Artifacts of our disaster firmly in our grasp
Manifest madness- Magic Abstract
Traitors can't be brave
Beggars can't be buyers
Cradles can be graves
Saviors can be slaves
Never can't expire
"Forever," cried the liar
I caught the wicked glint of sin on every inch of your venomous grin
Regret in my chest and the stench of rancid death on my breath
We're becoming obsessed
Vexation and stress
Stretching the boundaries between the proudly damned and piously blessed
I'm giving in to the inventive whim
On the fringe of a sinister Binge
Track Name: Form : Void
Swallow the urge
the churning surge will dissipate
Wallowing on the verge
Burning to regurgitate
Hollow and unnerved
Uncertainty still celebrates
Sorrow to Purge
Vermin to invigorate
Say no more
Save your burdened words for when its worse
Servant of fervor, still murmuring the curse
Vacantly parading
our vows cloud with doubt
Patiently strangling
Proudly devout
Track Name: Despised : Device
It was never enough
Pounding my chest
Spilling my guts
Lips loosed on heavens above
Making sound investments in silver tipped tongues
Here's to calling all of my bluffs
my love was lust
my blood was dust
my distrust was simply a subtle injustice of a grudge
Give them the Gospel written in riddles
Sell me scriptures of a cyclical ascent

All the wasteful wagers of saviors and the painful labors of saints
All the straining for fabled favor in the wake of an unshaken faith
Using all the words in the slow burning world we screamed our cheap beliefs
confusing our hurtful search for purpose with a reason to lose sleep
Savages and scavengers with nowhere left to run
With their baggage packed like passengers
Waiting for the Sun.